Great Dane Puppies for sale - harlequins, mantles, Merlequins

Great Dane puppies — Harlequins, Mantles, Blacks, Merles, raised with LOVE!

great dane puppies for sale

The Next Generation ~2012 ~ Cali & Hamilton

All puppies have new homes!

Hamilton of Rose Great Danes

Hamilton on Guard Great Dane Puppies for saleCali at play

Puppy Photo Gallery

Cali & Hamilton's Puppies - born February 17
6 mantles, 2 harlequins, 2 merles!

Great Dane Puppies born Feb 17, 2012
All sleeping after a job well done

Sam's love of Great Danes turned him into a breeder. He strives for beautiful, healthy, intelligent, good tempered Great Danes.
Reach Sam Rose at: 970-259-1128 or Call Camille 505-934-3295 cell re: Cali's puppies
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