Great Dane Puppies for sale - harlequins, mantles, Merlequins

Great Dane puppies — Harlequins, Mantles, Blacks, Merles, raised with LOVE!

great dane puppies for sale

Maisie & Hamilton ~ 2011

great dane puppies for sale Great Dane Puppies for sale

Maisie became a Mama dog May 15th, 2011

Maisie Great Danes
These beautiful Great Dane Puppies are 24 hours old in their first picture.
Maisie had 3 puppies (1 girl & 2 boys) - 1 Harlequin, 1 Merliquin, and a Mantle.

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Maisie's Ancestors
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Cleo's Page (Maisie's sister and littermate)

Great Dane Pups for sale

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Sam's love of Great Danes turned him into a breeder. He strives for beautiful, healthy, intelligent, good tempered Great Danes.
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